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What implication does frederick sanger's work has with our social life?

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  • Jody
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    9 years ago
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    Fredderick Sanger is an English biochemist, a two time Nobel laureate in chemistry adn the only person to have been so.

    In 1958 he was awarded a Nobel prize in chemistry for his work on th estructure of proteins, especially that of insulin.

    He is known for amino acid sequence of insulin, and the dideoxy method of sequencing DNA which is called the "Sanger method" this was a major breakthrough and allowed long stretches of DNA to be rapidly and accurately sequenced. It earned him his second Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1980 which he shared with Walter Gilbert and Paul Berg..

    The new method was used by Sanger to sequence human mitochondrial DNA (16,569 pairs) and bacteriophage (48,502 base pairs. The dideoxy method was eventually used to sequnce the entire human genome.

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