hi my mum recieves pension and mental health problems now her husband has his house she has hers and he sees her when he needs money for instance he sees her for few week money get spent then doesnt see her for few weeek he a money man he has just had dla stopped and now wants to spend every day with her they both clam housing etc

ive told my mum that benefits would c;lass them as a couple living separatly and would have to claim benefits together

she pays all the petrol when they go out pays for both there meals

pays his car insurance

am i right in saying this as i thought if you contribute towards and spends days together as if a couple the you should claim as a couple

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  • 8 years ago
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    If they are living together they should claim jointly. If they live separately they claim separately.

    If not as it appears in your question she should not be giving him money. However if she does she should claim it as a bill which would force him to claim it as income.

    Any additional income will be taken into consideration and if he is collecting any form of social insurance it will be deducted from his check. She will have the outgoing money supplemented in her check.

    If they can afford two homes they should not be on any social assistance.

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