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I got involved in a hit and run what can i do?

i was at the gym and when i was leaving there were a lot of people standing by my car and they told me a lady hit my car and just kept going when she heard they were calling the police. I was on a military base when this all happened. The military police was called out and the witnesses gave the description of the driver and the car. Unfortunately the lady drove off too fast for them to catch the license plate number. There was a basketball tournament going on in the gym and she was a gf to one of the guys playing. The police were able to get a list of all the players names and are going to contact all the people and question them. What are the chances of the police finding this couple that hit my car? She put a dent in my car, broke the lock on the trunk so the trunk won't close anymore, and broke off a part of back bumper on the right side. My car is a 97 Nissan Altima and my insurance told me it's value is only worth $2000. I don't know if the repairs are going to cost more than that. I was told that if they do find her that her insurance might count the car as totaled, give me the value of the car, and ask for the car because they basically bought it from me by giving me its value. This is the only car that I have and my husband is on deployment and won't be back for about 7 months. Should I wait for the police and stay on top of the report? Should I try and do the repairs myself? I've taken auto tech classes, so I know about cars. One of the PMO (police officers told me he fixes cars) Should I call him and ask him to help me out? I am here alone my husband and I barely moved to Beaufort, SC in December and I don't really know anybody here. Should I take the car to get it an estimate of how much the repairs will cost? The police offers tied my trunk down and taped it. This is my only means of transportation for running errands and going to doctor appointments. I don't want to drive it too much and have the bumper fall off or the trunk come loose. I'm am only 19 and going to school. I don't have a job, but I have been looking. Can someone give me some advice please? The police told me that they will charge her with a federal crime because it happened on a military base and told me if her bf is a Marine he might get demoted and charged to.


i have contacted my insurance and they told me that they will not cover me because they only signed me up with liability. The only way they could cover me is if the runner does not have insurance. They insurance dept. even told me it would be wise to just stick with liability instead of full coverage since my car is only worth $2000. They told me I was be paying more than what my car is worth if i get full coverage and even if I was involved in an accident I would only be able to get 2000 in repairs. I have USAA insurance. My husband is going to buy a new car when he comes back from deployment, so we won't have trouble with an old car. Should I just wait on the police report and do minor repairs on the car just to get me by?

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  • 8 years ago
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    if your car is worth 2,000 and the insurance company totals it, you can tell the claims rep who comes out to look at the damage that you still want to keep the car even if it's totaled. my insurance co. paid out 10.00 less than full value so i could keep the car. if they pay out and take the car you still have 1st choice to buy it from the wreckers. it will cost anywhere from 50-200 dollars. if the car has 30 percent or more damage, it's usually considered totaled

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  • 8 years ago

    The person hitting your car would not be required to pay more than the blue book value of the car. That is why you have insurance. If the repair would cost $3000 and your car is valued at $2000 you would only get $2000. Contact your insurance company and let them do the leg work. That is what you are paying them for.

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