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How to activate my Dish Network TV2 remote to work with TV1 reciever?

I dropped my living room TV remote (TV1) and it broke all to pieces and will not even flash a light for me. I'm having company tomorrow and will not have time to have D.Network come take a look. Is there anyway I can activate my bedroom TV remote (TV2) to work with my living room TV (TV1) receiver?

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    This is possible. Depending on the type of remote you have there may be different instructions. If your remote has a blue #2 on the bottom front of the remote, you can change it to show a green #1. Remove the battery cover and pull the plastic key away from the buttons on the remote. Once the key is out you will notice that it has 2 sides. Flip it over to show the green #1. Then at your receiver, make sure the TV and receiver are on. Then press the System Information button on the front right hand side of the receiver. You will see System Info 1 on the TV screen. With the remote press the record button ane release it. Then press the record button 3 times. If the remote programmed correctly you can press the View Live TV button and it will take you off of the System Info screen.

    I have included a link so that you can program the remote to control the TV volume and power also. If you need any further assistance please feel free to email me directly.

    To look up the code for the remote:

    To program the remote using a code:

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    TV1 remote works but the volume is difficult to operate (have to push really hard on button). I have a TV2 remote that I flipped the TV2 plate over on so I could use it for TV1. It works for everything except volume and powering the TV off/on. Is there a way to get the remote to work for volume & powering TV off/on? The TV1 remote is a 4.0 IR/UHF Pro and the TV2 remote is 3.1 IR.

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