Boyfriend doesn't touch me?

me and my boyfriend have agreed to not have sex. he sometimes touches my boobs (almost always after i guide his hands there) and almost everyday i give him a hand job. (we both kinda initiate that). and i have no problem with that, i like that. but then after that he'll just lightly kiss me and starts talking to me and for him, he's done since he got that ~sexual relief~ or whatever but i'm the mood bc he didn't do me any favors, you know. and i want to ask him why he doesn't touch me and i kinda want him to but i don't want to pressure him, he's inexperienced. how can i bring it up? we're talking right now...what should i say


no what should i say to him right now

Update 2: what? and any experience is from him. i just did what felt right and he liked it and so now he has me do it all the time....i think he thinks of me doing BOTH of us a favor when i do hand jobs

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    9 years ago
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    He's really nervous that's all. I mean, he needs you to guide his hands to your boob, he won't do iron his own first time because he's inexperianced and doesn't want to offed you.

    Don't be surprised of the first time you lead his hand down to your area, he's clueless. Not to be boast her, but guys are stimulated prettyq easily, just tug back and further it's not that hard or tiring, wherearse girls need way more stimulation and reaching inside will hurt amd cramp your hands after a while without being crude.

    Show him what you like to be done whilst you're kissing him. Just take his hand and guide him to show him how you masturbate, he will take the hint or you can just tell him.

    Also, you might want to get off before he does, because guys tend to loose interest in sex after they et off... It's not strictly true, but our testosterone levels drop for a few minutes and we don't feel as horny.

    He will enjoy getting you off, that himself might get him off a lot or make it better for him when you finish him afterwards.

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    9 years ago

    " can i bring it up? .."

    Assuming [geezus...I can't believe I said that] all the right things are in place for this activity...just show him what you like....demo if that works....and yes, you can remind him that there will be no more "of you" til there's some of "you" in the picture....

    Amazing how quickly people can learn...when they really want to...

    And just curious....where did you get all the practice??

    And remember...."Group W" answers aren't official until the "Best" is picked...4 days from now so both of it up!!

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    Just ask him what is his deal. Don't let him feel he can always get and never give, he will continue to become selfish and you will be unhappy. Maybe he doesn't know how you feel or think, so you owe him to tell him. If nothing changes after you told him you're needs than you have your answer.

    SPEAK UP!!!!

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    All I know is what my GF did when I was nervous about sex ( cuz we were virgins). She pulled me down and stated to make out with me while she took off my clothes. Mabye you could try something like that? But NEVER forget the foreplay! idk hope this helps.

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  • 9 years ago

    Tell him that you want him to do the same for you next time. At the same time you're doing it for him.

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    9 years ago

    ask him and say: I know you like what i do to you, but why don't you return the favor?

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    Guide his hand to your leg and smile :)

    Good Luck! :)

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