Recording Live music video question?

I was wondering how do i put reverb on a mic when you are recording from webcam or something.

I was thinking, do i have to recording it while shooting the video then add the music to it later or is there a way to do it? I have heard of people doing it before so i was wondering..

Thanks yall

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  • 8 years ago
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    It is pretty common with shooting a video to record the song, finish all the editing and mixing, and have a complete product before shooting the video itself. That way you would lip sync your own song in the shooting of the video and it'll all match up. That's what you would do if you were working with multiple scenes/camera angles/ etc. Putting reverb on the mic itself would have to be done through a pre-amp or the recording/editing software itself if you just are singing to the webcam and don't plan on really using any cinematography. On the software it should be pretty easy there's usually an option somewhere that allows you to set reverb and the amount so that during playback it'll be there. This is usually done after recording though. (Note: You would technically also need to be recording video and audio separately here but you'll just have both going simultaneously.)

    Hope this helps.

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    3 years ago

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