thesis statement for nuclear weapons?

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  • John U
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    9 years ago
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    Ok you're quit a ways off from the homework help section but lets do this. What are you trying to write about concerning nuclear weapons? What type of Essay are you trying to write, a descriptive, a comparison contrast...?

    Lot of issues to deal with here before you can even begin thinking about a Thesis so I can understand why you are currently lost. In order to develop a thesis you have to come up with sub topics to write about. Most essays with this type of subject matter are 'argumentative." For or Against and why with supporting references. Or you could do a descriptive on what types of Nuclear warheads are out there, their delivery methods, who has them, who really shouldn't have them and the list goes on.

    Figure out "What" you want to write about under the topic of nuclear weapons. I could write 15 different essays with that topic and they would all vary based on "what" it was I wanted to convey with the overly generalized topic. Figure that out and you are on step one of Thesis development. Or ask your teacher.....maybe....perhaps.

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    Should have been used years ago. All of them.

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