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Train connection from Frankfurt Airport?

I'll be arriving at FRA on April 5, 10:45am. How do I get to Linsengericht Eidengesaess? Are there any trains? How long do they take and how much does it cost? Or do I need a taxi, how much would that be?

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    It is not a good advice to pay either €14 for an InterCity train ride or €19 for an InterCityExpress train ride from Frankfurt airport to Frankfurt main train station (Hbf) and to continue on a RegionalExpress train to Gelnhausen. You would then need to pay another €2.50 for the bus ride.

    Best connections can be found if you use the website "younosygit" has provided but you enter "Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Regionalbahnhof" as departure place and Eidengesaess as destination. You then can chose between three bus stops:

    • Eidengesäß Ringstraße, Linsengericht

    • Eidengesäß Post, Linsengericht

    • Eidengesäß Denkmal, Linsengericht

    You will also see the note "fares are not available". This means that the German railway company does not sell tickets for this route since it is covered by a local traffic association, the so called "Rhine-Main Verkehrsverbund" (RMV). You will need to get a price level 5 ticket for €7.30 which covers local train travel (S8 or S9) from the airport to the central train station, RegionalExpress train travel from Frankfurt to Gelnhausen, and bus travel from Gelnhausen Lagerhausstraße to Eidengesäß. The ticket can be bought at the RMV Mobility Center (Mobilitätszentrale) in terminal 1, B Concourse, Level 0 or from vending machines at the regional train station. ..

    Possible itineraries based on a 10:45am arrival.

    Train S-8 or S-9 from the Regional train station at the airport, platform Regio 1, towards Offenbach or Hanau; departure every 15 minutes at minutes 02, 17, 32, 47, travel time to Frankfurt main train station (underground) 11 minutes

    From Frankfurt main train terminal (ground level) RegionalExpress train to Fulda at 12:26pm (platform 5) or 13:26 [1:26pm] (platform 8) or 14:26 [2.26pm] (platform 6). Arrival at Gelnhausen train station (5th stop) after a 32 minutes ride.

    A three minutes walk from the Gelnhausen railway station to Gelnhausen Lagerhausstraße ..

    Departure by bus MKK63 at 13:10 [1:10pm]; 14:10 [2.10pm]; 15:10 [3.10pm]

    Arrival at Eidengesäß 6-9 minutes later (depending on your chosen stop).

    The total travel time will be 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    I recommend to take the earliest possible train from the airport after arrival and have a break at the Frankfurt main train station to wait for your hourly train connection to Gelnhausen. The restaurants or snack bars here are much cheaper than at the airport.

    A taxi ride from the airport to Eidengesäß will take about 40-45 minutes (without traffic jams) and it will cost about €90.

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    Depending on where exactly you want to travel to in Linsengericht - Eidengesäss, you can get details using the German Railways timetable site at - enter "Frankfurt (M) Flughafen" as your start point (click the "station/stop" radio button) and "Linsengericht - Eidengesäss" as your destination (click the "address" radio button") - you will be given a drop down option of various addresses in the town. Enter the start date and time you want to search for. In general, you will be directed to take a train from platform 4 of the Fernbahnhof at the airport to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (takes about 9 minutes), then change to a Regional Express train from Frankfurt to Gelnhausen (26-32 minutes on the train going to Fulda), then change to a bus to Linsengericht-Eidengesass (about 8 minutes). The one-way fare from the airport to Gelnhausen is €19 if the train from the airport is an ICE, or €14 if it's an IC - there's little difference in the journey time, it just depends on the particular train that's scheduled that hour.

    The overall journey time is around 1h10m - 1h20m.

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