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Why do atheists have such a big problem with creationists denying evolution?

Evolution is very practical, and there's a lot of solid science to support it.

I think. That's what I've been told; it's what I've read.

I'm not in that particular field of study, so I can only either choose to research it heavily or just make casual decisions based the little bit that I do know.

Unfortunately, there are creationists who use science and faith to work against the concept of evolution. And unfortunately for evolutionists, they utilize a faith that I follow and know a lot about, which means that I am initially and automatically going to favor the creationist ideas. They are in line with the little bit that I do know- the faith bit.

I don't know about their scientific work, but I do know that it implies mixed views on the subject.

If there are mixed views on a subject that doesn't affect my life and is also a subject that I am not actively studying, why does anybody care which side I choose? I am choosing one that I seem to understand better.

There is no science test here. There is no need for me to apply my skills and business to the understanding of evolution.

There is no reason anybody should care whether I or any other Christian should accept evolution or creationism. And since I believe in the Bible anyway, isn't it more practical and appropriate for somebody of my lifestyle to follow intelligent design? I think so.

So, if not to simply attack my faith, why are atheists so forceful in their assault on my acceptance of this concept that, aside from these R&S debates, has no effect whatsoever on my life and lifestyle?

If you believe it is about attacking my faith and not promoting science, please let me know.



But you do understand that when you say "infiltrate schools with their stupid," you are bullying the other side by merely claiming to have superior science.

Evolution has lots of evidence, but if enough people think that there isn't enough evidence, and enough people do, then you are backing yourself into a wall by insulting the intelligence of everybody except those who accept your theory. And again, your theory has a lot of backing, but if it isn't enough for everybody, then it isn't enough for everybody, right?

Maybe I'm "ignorant" to it, but I'm not ignorant to the social climate surrounding the topic. I think it's still far too controversial for people to go calling other people stupid.

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    Below is what evolution is. If you have a problem with evolution, you have a problem with one (or more) of these 12 points. Which one is it? Provide testable evidence that the point is incorrect.

    *NOTE* "God Did It" is *NOT* evidence, and is not a valid answer. "Prove it" is not a valid answer - each of these have been proven scientifically, and are heavily documented.


    1) Variation exists in all populations

    2) Some of that variation is heritable

    3) Base pair sequences are encoded in a set of self replicating molecules that form templates for making protiens

    4) Combinations of Genes that did not previously exist may arise via "crossing over" during meiosis, which alters the sequence of base pairs on a chromosome

    5) Copying errors (mutations) can also arise because the self-replication process is of imperfect 9though high) fidelity; these mutations also increase the range of combinations of alleles in a gene pool


    6) Some of that heritable variation has an influence on the number of offspring able to reproduce in turn, including traits that affect mating opportunites, or survival prospects for either individuals or close relatives

    7) Characteristics which tend to increase the number of an organism's ofspring that are able to reproduce in turn, tend to become more common over generations and diffuse through a poulation; those that tend to decrease such prospects tend to become rarer.

    8) "Sampling errors" can occur in populations taht alter the relative frequency of the various alleles for reasons other than survival/reproduction advantages

    9) Migration of individuals from one population to another can lead to changes in the relative frequencies of alleles in the "recipient" population


    10) Populations of a single species that live in different environments are exposed to different conditions that can "favor" differnet traits. These environmental differences can cause two populations to accumulate divergent suites of characteristics.

    11) a new species develops (often initiated by temporary environmental factors such as a period of geographic isolation) when a sub-population acquires characteristics which promote or guarantee reproductive isolation from the alternate population, limiting the diffusion of variations thereafter.


    12) the combination of these effects tends to increase diversity of life forms; over the time frame from the late Hadean to the present, this becomes sufficient to explain the diversity of life observed on Earth, both in what is directly seen at present, and indirectly through geologic evidence from the fossil record.

    That's what evolution IS. If you have a problem with evolution, you have a problem with one (or more) of these 12 points. Which one is it? Provide evidence that the point is incorrect. *NOTE* "God Did It" is *NOT* evidence.

    Whille the Origins of Life are a question of interest, the core of evolutionary theory itself does not rest on a foundation that requires any knowledge about the origins of life itself.

    Evolution does NOT indicate that all variations are explained this way; that there are no other mechanisms by which variation may arise, be passed, or become prevalent; or that there is no other way life diversifies. Any and all of these may be valid points of conjecture - But without EVIDENCE, they are not SCIENCE.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Charles Darwin failed miserably in his quest to validate his argument on Evolution.

    God created the Heaven and Earth as the Holy Bible declares (Genesis 1:1). Don't put faith in theories. Have faith in God.

    Charles Darwin did not use good logic in his famous book, "The Origin of Species."

    W.R. Thompson, a Canadian entomologist(entomology-study of insects) of international repute, wrote in his introduction to the centennial edition of Darwin's Origen, "Darwin did not show in the Origin that species had originated by natural selection; he merely showed, on the basis of certain facts and assumptions, how this might have happened, and as he had convinced himself he was able to convince others.

    Chapter 4 of the Origin, entitled "Natural Selection; or the Survival of the Fittest," occupies 44 pages in the 1958 mentor edition. In this chapter Darwin used the language of speculation, imagination, and assumption at least 187 times. For example, pages 118 and 119 contain the following phrases; "may have been," "is supposed to," perhaps," "If we suppose," "may still be," 'it is probable," "will generally tend," "may" "will generally tend," 'If," 'if...assumed," "supposed," "supposed," "probably," "It seems, therefore, extremely probable," and "We may suppose." Is this really the language of science? No, it is not.

    Of Darwin's speculative arguments Thompson wrote, "....Personal convictions, simple possibilities, are presented as if they were proofs, or at least valid arguments in favor of the theory....The demonstration can be modified without difficulty to fit any conceivable case. It is without scientific value, since it cannot be verified; but since the imagination has free rein, it is easy to convey the impression that a concrete example of real transmutation (change of one species to another) has been given."

    Source: Thompson, W.R., Introduction to The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, E.P. Dutton and Co., New York.

    Have faith dear friends in God, not theories.

    Genesis 1:1

    Isaiah 45:18

    Colossians 1:16

    Hebrews 11:1-6

    Genesis 2:1-3

    Exodus 20:8-11

    Psalm 14:1

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  • 8 years ago

    I wonder sometimes, if they truly believe that when you die there is nothing and nothing mattered, then why do they fight and argue so hard against theism and Intelligent Design? What are they so worried and upset about? Why spend so much of their time and money trying to persuade others and themselves that it’s not right? Why are they so angry about Someone they don’t even believe exists? If there is no meaning to life, why would you care if people are deluded? I think there is something else, deep down in their hearts.


    Dr. Cornelius Hunter (who has a PhD in Biophysics and Computational Biology) made this comment: “We don’t understand how life could have first evolved, we don’t understand how multicellular organisms could have evolved from unicellular organisms, we don’t understand how identical unconstrained DNA sequences could be conserved in distant species, we don’t understand how shocking differences could have evolved in otherwise similar species, we don’t understand how consciousness could have evolved, we don’t understand how adaptive mechanisms could have evolved, we don’t understand how a thousand and one complex structures, superior to our best military machines, could have evolved, we don’t understand how..., well you get the idea. In light of the scientific evidence, the fact that evolutionists shout down any dissent makes them look more like the Wizard of Oz than sober scientists” (Does the Evidence Support Evolution, or does Evolution Support the Evidence?).

    “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. The Great Oz has spoken!”

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't really care if someone denies it. People who get angry over such things obviously worry more about what's going on in other people's lives than they do their own. What I have a problem with is trying to get evolution taken out of science classes because it doesn't line up with their faith. That is a problem. If that were to happen, then we would be turning our backs on science in general and we certainly can't beg science to find cures for diseases we see our own families struggling with when we're running around telling people that science is satanic.

    And I don't agree with the idea of just following along with a group just because you happen to be a part of it in general. I'm sure you wouldn't just go along with it if it were Jim Jones telling you to do something. You can certainly be a part of a faith and not agree with everyone or everything in it.

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  • ?
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    There is no science which works against evolution.

    I do not care if you do not accept evolution but would if you prevented your children from learning about science or tried to keep it out of schools. It is actually rather important - where we came from - the origins of our species - you are completely within your rights to have no interest in this but to reject or resist science on religious grounds disadvantages your children and America. The rest of the world do find you rather backward on this issue.

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  • Mia
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    8 years ago

    On an individual basis I don't. The problem is for me when creationists oppose educating students because it contradicts their beliefs or oppose research in areas that contradict their beliefs. The success of a country depends in part on the scientific literacy of at least some of its people. Those who insist to stick their heads in the sand will get left behind. Our success collectively as humans I believe will depend also on our willingness to learn, adapt, arise to challenges and our ability to do so successfully depends on good information to work with.

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  • 8 years ago

    The theory of evolution is developped as one of the main tools of the life sciences, without it, hardly anything in biology makes sense, and that includes large parts of the medical, veterinary, botanical and agricultural sciences. The theory of evolution may already have saved your life more than once, and you in your ignorance, think it has no effect on you, your life and your lifestyle at all?

    ETA: Gish, please, could you be so good and give me fifty names of people with an academic degree IN BIOLOGY, who prefer Creationism over the Theory of Evolution?

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  • 8 years ago

    We don't. We have issues with said creationists trying to undermine science education by pushing their beliefs into public schools.

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  • 8 years ago

    Sorry but I can't abide people denying that evolution happens.

    It would be exactly the same if there was a movement that has left 40% of Americans believing that Jupiter doesn't exist.

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  • india
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    8 years ago

    I don't care. As long as you're not invading my kids' Science classes, knock yourself out.

    But seriously, religious or not, evolution is real and it does NOT mean that your faith is wrong. It's totally possible to believe in God-guided evolution.

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