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Who will win in this Marvel vs DC lineups: Part II?

Who will win in this Marvel vs DC lineups: Part II?

1. Thor vs Superman

2. Wolverine vs Batman

3. Iron Man vs Steel

4. Silver Surfer vs Captain Marvel

5. Mr Fantastic vs Plastic Man

6. Human Torch vs Firestorm

7. Cyclops vs Cyborg

8. Doctor Doom vs Lex Luthor (with warsuit)

9. Doctor Strange vs Zatanna

10. Loki vs Circe

11. Juggernaut vs Doomsday

12. Bullseye vs Deadshot

13. Lizard vs Killer Croc

14. Red Hulk vs Solomon Grundy

15. Dormammu vs Dreamslayer

16. X Men vs Teen Titans

17. Finally, Avengers vs Justice League

5 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    1. Thor because he is a god and has magic powers in which Superman has a weakness on

    2. Wolverine

    3. Iron Man because his armor has many advanced technology that is capable of kicking Steel's a**

    4. Silver Surfer

    5. Mr Fantastic

    6. Human Torch

    7. Cyclops

    8. Doctor Doom 'cause he mastered both science and sorcery

    9. Doctor Strange because he is more experienced in magic and more intelligent than Zatanna

    10. Loki because he is the god of mischief and he will manipulate Circe in his strategy

    11. Doomsday because he killed Superman

    12. Bullseye because I'm more familiar with him than Deadshot

    13. Killer Croc will crush Lizard like a bug

    14. Red Hulk can absorb and produce radiation make Solomon Grundy vulnerable

    15. Dormammu because I'm more familiar with him than Dreamslayer

    16. X Men

    17. Justice League because they have more superheroes and allies

    In short, Marvel wins... Thor can kill all DC characters single-handedly with ease

    Source(s): Real comic fanboy
  • 9 years ago

    1. Evenly Matched, could go either way

    2. Batman would find a way to win

    3. Iron Man

    4. Surfer

    5. Mr Fantastic

    6. Human Torch

    7. Cyborg

    8. Doctor Doom

    9. Doctor Strange

    10. Loki

    11. Doomsday

    12. Deadshot

    13. Killer Croc

    14. Red Hulk

    15. Dormammu

    16. X Men

    17. Thats a tough one, but the JL probably win here due to the flash.

  • Kpicx
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    1. Superman since he has a strong will and might be enough to beat Thor but will be a close match.

    2. Wolverine but it'll be very closed since Batman is an excellent strategist!

    3. Iron Man has more experience when it comes to an armor compared to Steel.

    4. Silver Surfer as he has the Power Cosmic.

    5. Mr.Fantastic as he is intelligent and would outsmart Plastic Man

    6. Firestorm since he has powers that can affect at the Molecular level.

    7. Cyclops as he has more experience in fighting powerful foes.

    8. Dr. Doom is master of both Science and Magic as Lex's mastery is in Science only.

    9. Dr Strange has more experience in the Mystic Arts.

    10. Loki is the God of mischief, he would tried to manipulate Circe in his strategy.

    11. Doomsday as he has defeated even Superman.

    12. Bullseye aim is more accurate and he does not even need a gun!

    13. Lizard is more of a Lizard with a mind of Scientist and thus will outsmart Killer Croc.

    14. Red Hulk as he can absorb and produce radiation which make Solomon Grundy vulnerable.

    15. Dormammu is the ruler of of the Dark Dimension and there is a reason for it.

    16. X-men has more powerful foes compared to Teen Titans.

    17. The Justice League might probably win if they went up against the Original Line-up of the Avengers since the Justice League has its core heroes. But if they went against the New Line-up of Avengers then it will be different story.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    GOOD LIST!!!

    i would've put Thor vs. Captain Marvel tho as Thor is a god and Cap' has the powers of the gods and Silver Surfer vs. Superman since they're both aliens!!!

    1) gonna go Thor

    2) Wolverine simply because of his skeletal structure and ability to regenerate

    3) Iron Man

    4) Cap!!!! NO QUESTION!!!!

    5) Mr. Fantastic simply because of his intellect

    6) Torch

    7) Cyborg

    8) Luthor

    9) coin toss

    10) really couldn't say

    11) Doomsday

    12) Bullseye

    13) Croc

    14) Thunderbolt Ross

    15) not familiar

    16) X-Men (was this a joke???)

    17) this is a question i've ALWAYS wondered myself!!! didn't JLA come out on top in the cross over?!?!

    i also would've put Hulk vs. Bane!!!! now THAT would be a BATTLE!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1.Superman he is very strong

    2.Batman he has a great melee

    3.Iron Man because his armor is has more advance technology than steels

    4.Silver Surfer HE ROCKS!!!

    5.Dont Know these guys answer

    7.Cyclops he is more experience fighter

    8.Doctor Doom because he mastered both science and magic

    9.D. Strange he is more knowledgeable in magic

    10.Loki he is the god of mischief

    11.Doomsday killed Superman

    12.Bullseye more accurate than ever

    13.Lizard he is more intelligent

    14.Red Hulk he is equivalent to the normal Hulk

    15.Dormammu because he has great fire techniques

    16.X-Men Because they are more awsome

    17.Justice League they are more powerful than Avenger

    Source(s): internet
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