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Good companies for modeling in Korea?

I'm planning on auditioning to become a model in Korea (CF model, to be more specific), but I was wondering which company to audition for. I'm not interested in SM Entertainment because they seem to focus more on promoting their idol groups than their actresses (Lee Yeon Hee and Go Ara). I was thinking about maybe auditioning for Cube Entertainment or YG, but I'm not completely sure yet. I wanted to see if you guys had any ideas for companies to audition for (preferably ones with actresses or models who are well-known)

Also, I had a few questions to ask!

1. Is there a minimum height and weight you have to be to audition? My friend is also planning on auditioning as a model, but she told me you have to be a minimum of 170 cm for females. Is this true?

2. If you get accepted as a trainee, do you have to live in a dorm like idol group trainees do? Or do you just stay in your own house? I live in Seoul, so does that mean I get to stay at home, or do I have to move into a dorm with other trainees?

Thank you ^-^


@crownofmia: In Korea, they have CF models. If you'd have taken the time to look into SM's audition page, you would have seen it.

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    First of all, there's no such thing as a CF model. The companies you named are specifically for idols, NOT models. IF you want to be a model, then look for a MODELING agency, not a talent agency. A talent agency, like the ones you mentioned, aren't looking for models. They're looking for multi-talented people that they can debut and make money off of.

    There is a minimum height for runway models but not print models. But you say you want to be in commercials. You have to build up a portfolio first. The models that are featured in CFs have extensive modeling experience. They were not chosen at random. The idols who are featured in CFs already have established careers.

    I still don't 'understand what you're trying to accomplish. If you want to be a trainee, then that is not the way to go if you want to be a model. If you want to be a model, then forget about being a trainee. And yes trainees live in dorms, always.

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    Modeling Korea

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    I'm gonna be honest but your chance of getting in is bigger in the philippines. Since they accept more foreigners and brown skin. In Korea most models has white skin and always has korean blood relation.

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  • I'm thinking of doing acting/modeling in Korea too. :) You can check out this site:Korean Model Agencies

    Tell me if it was helpful or not, because I need to find an agency as well. XD

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    i would say SidusHQ :D they produce some models

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