What does student loans cover ?

I wanna start college this summer but the only problem is, I dont have a car & the college I wanna go too is only thirty min away, but I have no possible way there and back . I was thinking of asking my mama to help me pay for an apartment, and I could find a job and use the bus from the job and to college (We dont have buses around here, but there r buses close to college and part of city.)

*-- I was wondering if my mama could not help me w/ the apartment, could a student loan help me pay for it ? or any type of loan ?

I know for a fact I will have to take out a student loan anyways for college, but im pretty sure that wont help my living arrangments!.

Thanks in advance. (:

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  • 9 years ago
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    Student loans will mostly go for tuition and books. You certainly won't have enough left over for an apartment. If the school is that far away, have you considered online classes? They certainly are for everybody, but if you have a little self discipline, that may be a good option. Best of luck to you!

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