Need a pesticide to kill small white insects?

I need a pesticide to kill insects. They are white in colour & small in size.

Hope this image can help you recognize the insect-


Yeah, they are on my guava plant.

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  • Johnny
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    8 years ago
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    Hi Gamer

    Pyrethrum spray will kill your mealy bugs.

    Seven dust will kill them also.

  • 8 years ago

    Head doesn't seem right for mealy bug, but then there are many different species. I agree with above, soap is a good control for soft bodied insects, but doesn't really touch the hard shell ones like beetles. Ideally I'd use Safers Insecticidal Soap over dish soap as the concentration is standardized and doesn't contain the "extras" that come with many dishsoaps plus % active ingredient isn't standardized as with pesticide grade soap.

    mealy bugs have a complex and difficult life cycle, you need regular repeated control measures to conquer them. Plus they hide in the soil, under the pot, etc. I agree also with above, if just one plant either throw it and the pot away or isolate this one completely different room from other plants....assuming indoor plants.

  • 8 years ago

    You have mealybugs. It will take a lot of work and repetitive sprayings but I would recommend spraying with soapy water. It is less toxic than many insecticides. Either use "Safer Insecticidal soap" or use liquid dish soap and water. Are these on a house plant ? That is where we see them most commonly. Good photo by the way. If it is on a single indoor plant it may be easier to throw the plant away and start fresh.

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