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Menstraul cramps or stomach ach? ?

How do you tell all the different cramps in you stomach and abdomen and vag stomach area? Are there signs

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    Cramps r usually sharp pains. They can be in ur thighs, abs, pelvic area, tummy, butt, sides, or lower back. Usually they r short but reoccurring. Like every five or ten seconds, however they r going at the time. Cramps can also be a dull pain, but that usually happens in ur pelvis, back or thighs, but could be anywhere.

    U r probably feeling cramps. Cramps happen around the second day of ur period. But could go longer or before then. Some girls have them the whole time.

    Compared to cramps, stomach aches usually happen near ur large intestines, or right below ur rib cage when u eat too much.

    Any nauseous feelings would be tummy aches and not cramps

    I really hope this helps! U can take ibuprofen for cramps. Or soak in a hot tub. Any kind of heat helps relieve pain. U can buy heating pads that go under ur other at the store. Exercise helps cramps. Also certain kinds of yoga! Just be careful, because some kinds of yoga AREN'T good on ur period. Study that out before u try that.

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