Did i sprain my ankle?

someone shoved me in the hallway and i fell down (im very light) i fell on my right leg and my ankle hurts now its a little red and swollen. i wrapped it and used crutches the rest of the day but it still REALLY hurts what should i do, and when will i feel better???

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  • 9 years ago
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    You probably sprained it, i sprained my ankle like 6 times and fractured it like 4 times. If it is swollen you should go to the hospital to take an x ray. That is the only way to be sure. You might also have a hairline fracture which your shouldnt wake on your ankle. The only way to make sre you didnt break it or fracture it is with an x ray.

    Source(s): personal experience
  • 9 years ago

    Go to Dr but it sounds like a fracture

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Have it checked out by a Dr and make sure it doesn'tget infected cuz it going to be very painful I no.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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