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Is burnt popcorn fumes dangerous to health?

Is it? My sister burnt popcorn and it is everywhere in the house. The smell. I have my room upstairs with my cats and the smell isn't nearly as bad. But is it dangerous and do I need to move my cats outside?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There is a possibility, I read it in the news awhile back. So maybe you should air out the house a little. I wouldn't panic though, it's still not proven, but there is some evidence it can be bad for your lungs.

    The companies -- Weaver Popcorn Co., ConAgra Foods Inc., American Popcorn Company and General Mills Inc. -- had, as of early September, phased out use of the chemical or claimed they would within a year. The companies differed in their reasons for dropping the chemical, but some cited consumer concerns or issues of worker health.

    So, maybe by now all the popcorn is safe again :)

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  • elks
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    3 years ago

    Popcorn Fumes

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