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Am I smart or am I Dumb ?

Hello everyone ! i am a 6th grader in middle school and many consider me a child prodigy. i am a genius when it comes to math or computers. i can create beautiful websites and video games. i take 7th grade math,but something happened today that took away 99% of my confidence. the teacher was giving our 6th grade grades for the quarter, and when she told me my grade, my heart jumped to my mouth. I did the unbelievable: I GOT A C! I asked her why the heck i got a C since i was her star student who also taught a web design class at school! She said i was really good at math and i was acing all my tests, but the problem was my homework because it wasn't good enough and i didn't show alot of work. however, i completely disagree, so i was wondering what you guys think. Sorry it was so long, and i hope you have a nice day!

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    Really, a C, I get mad with those but that doesn't make me dumb.

    You aren't smart by tests or any of that crap. What makes you smart is your effort, common sense, interests, care. Getting a C does not make you dumb at all.

    A person can be smart academically, but that doesn't automatically make them smart. You're smart because you actually care.

    My story: I would get straight A's if I did everything because I do understand almost everything in school. Instead I get a/b's because I have interests at home: architecture, cities, etc.. too much, and I don't want to stress and waste my time. I will really try to get all A's in 9, 10, 11, and possibly 12th grade because that's when it REALLY matters, like really. That's why I signed up for engineering class and transportation, etc.

    You're NOT dumb, not at all.

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    dont let a C get u down

    in the 6th grade, grades never mattered anyway...

    nd it wasnt that long:)

    so to answer ur question... ur not dumm

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