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Good pump up songs for basketball?

Gonna do a little balling. Need some good songs like that (ex. Kobe bryant by lil Wayne. Some JayZ and kanye are good)

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    do the john wall- troop 41

    we ready- archie eversole

    buzzin- mann

    crank that- soulja boy

    fast lane- bad meets evil

    the motto- drake (feat. lil wayne)

    6 foot 7 foot- lil wayne

    ni**as in paris- jay-z and kanye west

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    Kill by Earl Sweatshirt

    Lemonade (remix) by EarlWolf (Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator)

    Turn of the Tide by Perrion

    Down for my N-words (LOL, also was intro of Heat finals) - Lil Wayne remix

    NY (Ned Flander) by Hodgy Beats and Tyler

    Common Knowledge by Asher Roth

    Queenzbridge Zoo by Vince Staples

    Basically a ton of Earl Sweatshirt should get you pumped up to play basketball or go eat a babies face off.

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    Champions - Ron Artest (This song goes hard)

    Basketball - Kurtis Blow

    Basketball - Lil Bow Wow (Remix)

    The Winner - Coolio (from the Space Jam soundtrack)

    Hit em high - Space Jam remix of hit em up.

    I am street - ALi Vegas (NBA STREET V3 SOundtrack)

    Eyes above water - dirtbag. (NBA STREET V3 Soundtrack.)

    I love this game - SLim thug

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