Does remote access work across the world?

I live in the UK, and I am wondering whether my school remote access will work in a different country because I am going to India next week

If the remote access works, will it work as fast as it does in the UK in India and not taking the internet speed into consideration?

Thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Remote access works from anywhere with internet, as long as the computer you're trying to connect to has it enabled, and you know the password, and you know the IP/connection protocol name of the computer you're trying to connect to

    The computer will still perform the commands at the same speed, it will just take a few seconds for the message to the computer telling it to do something to get there, so effectively, when you move the mouse on you're side (telling remote pc to move mouse), the mouse will move on the remote computer a few seconds later.

    The further away you are from the remote pc, the longer it takes (but max isn't too long), and the slower you're broadband/internet, the longer it takes, but overall the maximum it should take is about 5seconds from India or maybe 10 if its really slow.

    Source(s): Experience, I've remotely printed (same as remote access) in new zealand from the UK
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  • 8 years ago

    Yes it will work.

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