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My dad caught me smoking and made eat a whole pack of cigarettes until I threw up?

He gave me some water to help choke them down.but can I have him reported for this?I'm 15 btw


@Kate,I already had a baby last November thank you.she's beautiful by the my dad didn't stuff them down my throat,he just made me sit at the kitchen table and he watched me eat them.he still had no right to do it though,cause he's a smoker himself and he has been for the past 20 years plus

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    Why are girls your age so often prone to thinking you are adult-level mature and can handle life alone? What do you think is going to happen if you have your father reported? His methods for making sure you didn't screw your life up any further by becoming a nicotine addict may have been questionable (still kind of funny though), but you report him, and then what? Pushing that baby out did not grow you up six or seven years in nine months, and the fact that you want to punish the source of consequences for YOUR actions shows that you have alot of growing up to do and you have learned nothing about accountability from your experiences, so in a way you are less mature than many others your age.

    By the way, would you kids stop with the crap about "my parents smoke so why shouldn't I". Nicotine is a powerful, powerful drug, not in action, but in addiction. Your parents are burdened with a condition that they will struggle with until the day they die. They know better than anyone else why you shouldn't start. You think you can handle anything at that age. You would think the position you are in now would have taught you how when you are that age, unlike when you were a young child, you can screw your life up forever, but apparently the memo flew right past you. You are not old enough to be able to make choices regarding a substance that will if not used VERY carefully cause the burden on you-emotionally, economically, and physically-of lifelong addiction. I have to remind you, you are still a child yourself.

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    lets see, had a baby at 15 and now smoking. You live with dad and want to start a habbit you can not pay for. Strange how this happens. Getting sick is good or it could have given you problems. Why don't you start to improve your self. Smoking is not improvement, dad started smoking years ago and quitting is his problem. He has a means of living and paying bills. Would bet you do not have a paying job,

    get your life right and learn from family mistakes. Smoking is wrong, if your child does not see you smoke, the child might now smoke. Other things to avoid, drinking, more babies and drugs.

    Sounds like the cigarette food is the only good parenting your dad has done. He should have raised you to not get pregnant at 15.

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    Hi, Unlike some of the negative comments here...I have no idea why everyone feels the need to comment on the fact you have a child. I'm sure they can keep their opinions about a matter completely irrelevant to the question to themselves. Also. to answer your question. Yes, i believe what your dad did was wrong but i don't think that you need to put yourself and your father through the hassle and pain of reporting him. If i were you I'd talk to him or say it to a close family friend or someone...

    You smoke... I'm not saying that's okay. I just don't think she needs a lecture from everyone about that..You should probably quit at some point. Just a suggestion. But everyone does stupid things while they're young...I started smoking at 16....Not proud of it, but I did it....So if you want to criticize her criticize me as well

    you have a child. that does not give everyone the right to make you this stereotypical 'brat'.

    The fact you have a child is irrelevant to the matter.

    I think everyone here is too hard on you but i do agree..Don't report him. It will ruin your relationship. But i think you should probably talk with him..Or someone about it

    Also, hate to be lecturing. but smoking is highly addictive. the sooner you get off them the better.

    Hope your daughters doing well:)

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    He was just trying to teach you a lesson. You shouldn't be smoking at that age anyway. He is trying to protect you from making bad decisions. Reporting him? I'm not sure if you can do that it depends on the situation. We would need more details. Was he deliberately stuffing the pack down your throat or did he just tell you to eat it? If he was stuffing it down your mouth you could try to report him, but honestly you shouldn't have done that to begin with.

  • Anonymous
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    Maybe you should try seeing him like that other ungrateful girl. The one during her parents to pay her college. Also whats having a kid at 15 have to do with anything? It just shows your irresponsibility. This is what happens when I'm raised in a generation of kids raising kids.

  • Kaisun
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    My husband mom did that to his younger siblings that thought they were going to smoke. They are perfectly fine now and not smokers. She did this because she's got some serious breathing issues from smoking. He is trying to get it through your head that smoking is a sick habit grow up and pay attention. Reporting him would lead to something you would seriously regret later.

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    That's what you get you young immature brat. You even had the nerve to reply you had a baby last November like it's cute for a child to have a kid. You are nothing but another statistic. Dumb kid that smokes, spreads her legs and makes babies. Thanks for being a cancer on everyone's tax money including your parents.

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    and what do you expect to gain from reporting your father? you are just angry that he caught you doing something that not only is dangerous to your health, but is a crime at your age. Getting revenge is not going to be effective in this case my dear. Note to self: dint break your parents rules or the law, and you wont have to eat cigarettes. a life lesson learned.

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    Nope....until you are 21 you have to follow his rules.....even though he smokes he probably just doesnt want you to end up like him.....he cares about you....its for your own good....if you really have to smoke i recoomend not getting caught again......

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