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can someone help me with a latin translation please?

i want to say "life through new hope". but each translator i use gives me a different result. it is the slogan for a fictional company in one of my stories.

im getting

vita per novus spes

vita per spem.

i know latin words can change dependant on the words surrounding them. any help greatly appreciated.

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    vita, feminine noun in the nominative case = life

    the preposition per = through, takes the accusative case, so the noun spes = hope

    must be in the accusative - spem

    spes is a feminine noun, in the nominative it would be spes nova, but here it must be in the accusative after per, so it has to be spem novam


    life through new hope = vita per spem novam [you can say novam spem if you like - word order doesn;t matter that much in Latin, as long as the grammatical endings are correct]

    Source(s): Latin at school and university
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    The first one is correct! Vita per novus spes correctly translates into life through new hope. The second translates into life through hope.

    Source(s): Taking Latin classes
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