how to talk to this guy on the baseball team?

he plays for morehouse college and hes so cute & im scared to talk to him! and hes around his team mates after the game! and he leaves right after the game! any tips on how to talk to him? and be less scared and be ok if i get rejected! or should i ask one of his team mates about him? HELP!!

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    It would be best if you talk to him in person, because his team mates can be jerks and troll you around. You have nothing to be afraid of; just go and say hi! and try to start a small conversation and see how it goes.

    If he rejects you, you have nothing to lose. Worst case scenario you'll be in about the same situation you find yourself now.

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  • after them game just go up to him and say "hey great game" but don't say it if it wasn't because then u might sound sarcastic and rude. see how the conversation goes

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