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C.K. a 65 yrs old African American woman, was seen in her ophtalmolist office for a routine eye exam. Her last?

was 7 years ago. She has no current ocular complaints; and has not kept her annual appointments because her eyes have not bothered her. She takes metoprolol tertrate (Lopressor) for hypertension asnd have a family history of glaucoma. She uses otc diphenhydramine (Benadryl) for her seasonal allergies. Her Bp is 130/78 and pulse is 74bpm. Her visual acuity is OD 20/20,OS 20/20, intraocular pressure OD 25, OS 28; by tono-pen tonometry. Direct and a=indirect ophthalmology: small, scattered retinal hemorrhage, optic dics appears normal with cupping. Her visual feild perimetry: early glaucomatous changes, OU. Her health care provider prescribed betaxolol(Betopic) gtt 1 OU. The nurse instructed C.K on the reasons for the drugs and how to do punctal occlusion.

1. Why is C.K seeing her eye doctor yearly?

2. Expained wht the nurse instructed C.K. to use punctal occlusion while using the ey drops.

3. Why is it permissible for C.K. to use her antihistamines? what would the nurse have told her if her goniscopy has reveled narrow angle?

4. will this client be able to discontinue her eye drops if her intraocular presure are with in norma range?

5. If the tropical therapy do not control her IOP, what should be her alternative therapies?

6. Describe C.K. probable appearance optic dics in the future if her glaucoma is left untreated. (b) what would be her visual complaints?

7. Based on the assessment data presented, what are the priority nursing diagnoses? (b) Are there any collaborative problems?

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    So evidently you want to be a nurse. You need to prepare yourself and do your own homework. I can see bailing someone out of his algebra one assignment but you are getting ready to have people's lives in your hands. You need to know these answers yourself.

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