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Is the CN Tower still the 4th tallest building in the world?

I thought the Sears Tower and the many buildings in Asia were all taller. I think wiki has it wrong...?? Oh I just saw that the CN tower is taller by a hairline but it's all antennas I'm not sure that should count. Or is it a spire at the top/tip?

Is the middle/center inhabited by workers at any time or just the top part has attractions? Yeah idk much about what the tower is though I did see a few vids shared by Shawn Robin (waves hi) I still don't get what it is. Other ignorant Q: is it a TV antenna like Seattle's or Eiffel Towers?


I found this:

Since the CN Tower is merely a structure, it is compared against all other structures. (radio antennas, buildings, bridges, houses, etc…) and when the CN Tower is put in the structure category, it does not come close to being the tallest, take a look at these statistics.

(These are only a few of the structures we found that are taller than the CN Tower)

Name Place Height Use

KTHI TV-tower Fargo (ND) 629m (2063 ft.) Tv-tower

KXJB-tower Galesberg (ND) 628m (2060 ft.) Tv-tower

KZFX-TV mast Lake Jackson 615m (2018 ft.) Tv-tower

Petronius Platform Gulf of Mexico 610m (2001 ft.) Oil Platform

WITN-TV mast Grifton, North Carolina 610m (2001 ft.) Tv-Tower

KATV-TV mast Jefferson County, Arkansas 610m (2001 ft.) Tv-Tower

KVIE, KTXL Mast Walnut Grove, California 609m (2000 ft.) Tv-Tower

Senior Road Tower Missouri City, Texas 603m (1978 ft.) Radio-Tower

WFMY-TV mast Greensboro, North Carolina 583m (1913 ft.) Tv-Tower

Coweta TV mast Coweta, Oklahoma 58

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    It was never called a building. It is the world's tallest tower and used to be the tallest free standing structure.

    It is now just considered the world's tallest tower.

    Yes it is used for television OTA signals.

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