Does it help the cause against Zimmerman when the media doesn't provide all the facts that are out there?

I was outraged that Zimmerman went after Martin and killed him--and wasn't arrested. Then we find out that the sweet photos we see of Martin is not current but, in fact, several years earlier than how he looks today. Then we find out that Zimmerman may have been attacked. Then we find out that Martin has a history of attacking others, like a bus driver, and, in fact, had been suspended from school when this thing took place for violence. I wonder why he was even allowed to leave the house for candy, let alone allowed to use his cell phone and talk to his girlfriend when he was suspended from school. Didn't his parents think the suspension--or any of his other violent acts--were serious enough to warrant some sort of discipline like grounding?

All of this has made me more and more suspicious about the media's motives in presenting this story the way they have. I'm beginning to think that Zimmerman may HAVE been acting in self defense. While I think the police handled this all poorly, perhaps if the media were reporting the whole story, we wouldn't be wondering if we'd been duped.


Sad, isn't it?

Update 2:

magick--so true. I am angry that I believe Diane Sawyer. I should have known better. It's also sad that because of these "news" anchors, any Black kid who IS attacked for being Black will not get the same support that we gave the Martins because we will be suspicious of what we're being told. I cannot believe that any self-respecting news anchor would wear a hoodie. Walter Cronkite is turning in his grave. I bought Skittles for my CCD kids for Easter, but I'm seriously thinking of taking them back to the store and getting something else. I'm also thinking of cutting my hoods off in protest--never did like them anyway.

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    Very sad indeed . That is why I have little trust in the media . Each side has it's agenda and carefully edits the Information . Zimmerman photo shows a large rather angry looking man and the photos of Martin looks like he is a choir boy . Yet recent photos show Zimmerman in a suit and looking rather normal and Martin with gold teeth and tattoos . His record is anything but a choir boy . Not saying either one had anything to do with that evening's event but the media bias is the issue .

    Now you see CNN commentators all wearing hoodies . Is that reporting the news or manufacturing it ?

    How does that saying go ; oh what a tangled web they weave , when at first they attempt to decieve .

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    The problem with just believing media is that we want to believe they can't be wrong too. And it isn't a one way street. It isn't that the media is slanted one way only. I do not watch TV news for that reason. It is always slanted,and we accept it so easily when it is so visual and in our faces. That doesn't mean that the parents of Martin can't be upset. That doesn't mean that Zimmerman committed a crime. You know what I learned of value to me from all this is the existence of these stand your ground laws. I was ignorant about it. I am glad it came out for that alone. That is a real issue that has not gotten enough attention IMO.

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    Same her. I thought Zimmerman was an idiot, but it turns out the Trybor (what ever his name was) was just a thug. I would have shot him too!!!!

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