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Need to Choose a Career?

I am in my first year of college, and I plan on transferring after two years to a university, But I have no clue what I want to do as a career! I came from a rough family consisting of my mother, me and my little brother. I have had to take care of him most of my life, leaving little room for thoughts of self success. Please help me, in finding a career! Thanks!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Going to university shows that you are intellectual and capable of finding a good career. Your situation is quite tricky as i assume you are very attached to your family. I am currently studying International Business where i hope to move to America/Australia and work for a big corporation, but this needs a lot of independence. What i would advise you do is to study business, or find a business itself where you can see yourself move up to management in future years. This is where the money is. If all else fails, get a diploma in Business studies, the reason why im saying business is that in the future, this is where young people will be needed and there will be a high demand for people like me and you.

    But there isnt one path to success and happiness, there are millions. Do what makes you happy, because you are far more likely to take an interest and succeed over others. But remember, you are playing a game with 7billion other people who also want to be successful, its your turn to roll the dice and dont leave it to chance, set out to do something with your life and dont stop for anyone.

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