Why does Sir Alex keep picking Danny Welbeck over Javier Hernandez?

Javier Hernandez done more in 30 minutes than Welbeck did in 1 hour .. every time Hernandez got the ball last night he found a team mate but Welbeck gave the ball away so many times at one point Giggs was screaming at him for a pass but he tries a long range shot instead which was easily gathered by Mark Schwarcher even Massimo Taibi would of saved it.... I think but it's so frustrating to watch especially when Hernandez is capable of getting a goal in every game he plays .. Danny Welbeck has just 7 goals in 24 appearances this season and Hernandez has 9 goals despite having some injury problems this season but now he's fully fit and full of energy .. I hope he doesn't want to leave because of this


@taaj innit how are we arguing we agreeing innit and who mentioned the arab arena?

Update 2:

@Kyle have you forgot Chicarito got 20 goals in his first season and his 9 goals this season have come from less games than Welbecks 24 games ? If Chicarito who has 29 goals at £7 million in less than 2 full seasons is overpriced what do you call Fernando Torres 10 goals for Chelsea in over a year at £50 million and Andy Carroll who has like 5/6 goals from over a year at £35 million?

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but Arsene you did not see it lol

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    yeah, I don't get this at all Chicharito is clearly the better goal scorer and Welbeck doesn't really do much does he? I guess maybe it's just because he's english that's why he gets soooo much praise and plaudits and hype. But Chicharito would give more of a contribution. In that first half Antonio Valencia put in some cracking balls into the box but no one was there to tap it home. WHERE WAS WELBECK? you would think Chicharito with his goal poaching instincts would've been THAT person to get on the end of those crosses. He's clearly more deserving of a start than welbeck.

    EDIT: YEAH, I don't know was taaj innit is going on about. who care about eti$hit stadium.

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    9 years ago

    Honestly I think SAF is finding out he may have overpaid for Chicho. I mean we paid £7m for the guy... and he's only at 9 goals. I mean the guys a good player, but you're getting almost the same productivity out of a Welbeck and you pay him way less in wages.

    Welbeck probably has a basic contract with few bonuses tied on, while Chicharito probably has huge goal bonuses, appearance bonuses, start bonuses, and all that junk. If they are giving you the same productivity why not save a dime here or there to use in the transfer market next season?

    He could also be trying to develop Welbeck and see if he's got what it takes to play at Manchester United. Or he could be getting him exposure to drive the price of Welbeck up to sell him in the transfer season. Teams will pay higher for a player that starts in a rotation at Manchester United rather than for a guy that gets in a game every now and then.

  • 4 years ago

    welbeck is two years youthful and continually bear in recommendations welebck is english so he will have an earnings to be chosen over chicharito, yet welbeck needs to improve his touches, and ending and then if he could be consistent then he would be so sturdy for united, and he already has the starvation and want interior the interest which united positioned into their gamers of their infants stages.

  • 9 years ago

    Because welbeck needs to impress before Euro 2012

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  • 9 years ago

    Last nights game they both f*cked up, welbeck was horrible and I know he's better but he just sucked. Chicharito was good but he made a bad pass and theost the ball between his feet and then lost it. I was like wtf. But yeah Chicharito needs more ball control and welbeck needs to open his narrow minded head

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Waz up iz this United fans arguing amongst themselves worried about going to the City stadium innit?

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