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Accountant Questions.?

Hi, i am a grade eleven student from Alberta, Canada. I have to compete an assignment where i have to phone an accountant and ask him some questions, then write an essay on it. i would really not like to call some stranger so i would rather ask on here. I just need them answered so if you can only answer one, thats fine but please answer as many as you can.

1.What are the education requirments for this job in alberta? or canada?

2.Do i need to specialize in anything?

3.What motivated you to work in this field?

4. when did you decide to go into this field?

5.Is it beneficial to Specialize?

6. How many years of schooling did you take?

7. What university do you suggest(in alberta)

8.What are your hours?

9.Do you work with alot of people?

10. IN genera what do you do?

11.How much do you make an hour?

12.Is there other opportunities?

13.Is the benefits like dental care?

14. What are the rewards of this job?

15 what are the cons of this job?

16. Are there any Liabilities? if so what?

17. Do you get lots of freetime with your job?

18. Do you have fun working?

19. Do you do alot of math?

20. Do you need additional training?

21. What type of companies do you work for?

22.Are you part of a firm?

23. What kind of math do you use?

24. what are your responsibilites with your job?

25. What is your busiest time of year?

26. What do you like the most of your job?

27. What is the vacation time/pay?

28. How stressful is your job?

29. Do you belong to a union?

30. Overtime Hours?

31. Are there raises?

32.What is your annual income?

33. What is the general retirement age for this job?

34. How hard is it to get hired?

35. What personalty traits are important for this job?

36. Are there any dangers to this job?

37. Do you need to be bilingual?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    1. A degree and seven year study for a CA, a bookkeeper a year or two college.

    2. Not necessary.

    3. Aptitude. Can be very boring.

    5. After a few years, when you know what you like. Brother is in startup businesses as a CA. taxes too.

    8. 9:00 to 17:00 with some overtime.

    9. Plenty different people - you meet once/twice a year.

    10. Check the lively hood of a corporation, the direction they are going and their overall health.

    11. Varies , but the best paid job, for good qualified people.

    12. opportunities with various companies. I did, banking, mining, manufacturing and FM CG, all varied and different from each other.

    13. Negotiate a package. with your employer.

    14. good salary and a lot of free time (between assignments) (took three to four short holidays a year).

    16 . boredom and accuracy.... Very upset bosses that don't like the figures (profits)

    18 no. Must love figures and sitting behind a desk.

    19 yes. Very computer literate

    20. Yes, need to keep up to date with new innovation(s).

    21. See 12

    22. Retired.

    25. financial and book year ends. Tax year schedules.

    29. Illegal here (RSA) A Management position.

    30. Varies.

    31. Contractual.

    32. dependent on qualification and experience, but overall good.

    33. 65, but you can go on until death.

    37. An advantage but not a necessity. In international businesses it helps.


    27. see 13

    28. Very. Time constraints and deadlines.

    Source(s): Retired accountant.
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  • 3 years ago

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