Chuck Berry or Elvis Prestly?

Which came first? Who really came up with rock n roll?


I wasn't asking for opinions, Chuck Berry is better in mine. I was wondering who made music first.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Neither came up with rock and roll. Ike Turner did, when his band Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats cut "Rocket 88" in 1951:

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    Beyond that, the two most important forefathers of rock and roll are Chuck Berry (who took black rhythm and blues and grafted it to white country music), and Bill Haley (who took white country music and grafted it to black rhythm and blues) in 1952-1954

    Presley was certainly important too, but he didn't get started for a couple of years after the others. He was more like rock's first great popularizer than one of its earliest inventors. But he also had a big hand in shaping what it was to become.

    edit to add: Berry had been active for years before his first record came out, starting in 1950, years earlier than Presley, and his stage show in East St. Louis (where he invented the duckwalk as a parody of white hillbilly musicians, inadvertantly helping to create rock and roll in the process) was well known as early as 1952. Look it up.

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    8 years ago

    Chuck Berry was great and a musical genius but he did not invent rock 'n' roll as many people say.

    His songs are all very similar. Rock 'n' roll with a very country sound.

    He came about 1954 - 55

    Elvis' music however is extremely varied. Even his rock 'n' roll falls into different categories like r&b, swamp rock, rockabilly, rock.

    As well all the other genres he went in to like ballads, blues, jazz, gospel and funk.

    He came out in 1954.

    In my opinion Elvis is by far the greater artist. He is the most successful solo artist of all time, a much better singer and performer, and he is the king after all.

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    8 years ago

    I'm not positive but I think Elvis had an album out a year or so before Chuck Berry did, I'm not sure though. So according to that, Elvis.

    But I like Chuck Berry much much better.

  • 8 years ago

    Elvis has been active since 1953. Chuck has been active since 1955. Elvis beats Chuck by 2 years.

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