Any ( Prefer Female) country singers for me to listen too?


I mostly listen to Taylor Swift, some Miranda Lambert (her non- break up songs :D) Carrie Underwood, some Sugarland and Rascal Flatts, Kellie Pickler, Julianne Hough, Shania Twain, Terri Clark and some others :) I like country and all that but I prefer ones that aren't break up songs - :) I like Miranda Lambert's Just Prettier, Terri Clark's Emotional Girl and songs like that. Know any others????


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  • 9 years ago
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    CJaye LeRose is a good female singer that you might like. She's unsigned but her EP Date With The Tub is on iTunes. She's one of my favorites. (:

    There's also The Dixie Chicks. I love them. They have lots of songs you'd probably like. Wide Open Spaces, There's Your Trouble, Ready To Run, Goodbye Earl, You Were Mine, Hello, Mr. Heartache and more. A few I named were breakup songs, but they have many that aren't.

    The Band Perry is good, too. It's a band with two brothers and one sister, but Kimberly, the sister, is the lead vocalist so you can sing along.

    I also like Edens Edge. Another band made up of two girls and a guy with a female lead singer so you can sing along to them, too. Their EP is on iTunes, too. (: It's just titled Edens Edge.

    Martina McBride is also a good one! Valentine, I Love You, Independence Day, Wrong Baby Wrong, This One's For the Girls are some of her songs that are really good. Just thought of them off the top of my head. Haha.

    Then there's Reba. Anything of hers is great. Old stuff, new, everything. Basically a lot of the older artists are amazing. Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrell (she's retired now, but she's made a lot of great music), Dolly Parton. <- 9 to 5, Two Doors Down, Jolene, Rockin' Years, Together You and I are some of her songs. I adore Dolly.

    Then you have the greats like Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette. Just look 'em up. They really are great. (:

    Hope I helped! ((:

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    Alison Krauss

    Reba McEntire

    Trisha Yearwood

    Martina McBride

    Faith Hill

    Leann Womack

    Sara Evans

    Ashton Shepherd

    Jo Dee Messina

    Gretchen Wilson

    Deanna Carter

    Mindy McReady

    Shania Twain

    Terri Clark

    Miranda Lambert

    Carrie Underwood

    Taylor Swift

    Heidi Newfield (Trick Pony)

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    Trisha Yearwood

    Lee Ann Womack

    LeAnn Rimes

    Martina McBride

    Reba McEntire

    Toby Keith

    Keith Urban

    Brad Paisley

    Sara Evans

    Jo Dee Messina

    Darius Rucker

    Brooks and Dunn

    George Strait

    Brantley Gilbert

    James Wesley

    Blake Shelton

    Garth Brooks


    Diamond Rio

    Love and theft

    Jason Michael Carroll

    John Michael Montgomery

    Kenny Chesney

    Alan Jackson

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    Keith Urban (guy country singer) Love him!!! One of my favorite guy country singers!

    Sara Evans! (Love her! Such a talented singer!)

    Those are my top two favorite singers (besides the lovely and talented Miss. Taylor Swift Look up to her a lot!)

    Hope this helps :) Those three people are amazing!! Oh and also if you want bands check out Lady Antebellum! THere amazing! :) Hope this helps :) But really listen to Sara and Keith! Those to are in my top favorites, and all of there songs are catchy and fun :)

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  • 9 years ago

    There's this newer girl Veronica Ballestrini you might like. Not many people know of her, but I personally love her music! Also, for a guy there's Hunter Hayes. He's one of my favorite current singers and he's too cute for words! Plus he's got great songs and an incredible voice!

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    I like Lauren Alaina...and if you wanna listen to a guy then Brad Paisley, Scotty McCreery, and th eguy who sings red solo cup :)

  • 9 years ago

    Shara evans, laurn alaina, gretchon willson


    Brad paisley,jason aldean,eric chuch

    CHRIS YOUNG(love him)

    Source(s): My faves are CHRIS YOUNG and jason aldean
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    Eden's Edge is amazing! It's a tri of two girls and a guy :)

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    tammy rogers

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