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Sudden blood pressure drops at 20 weeks pregnant?

I've mentioned it to my Dr. and the on call nurse quite a few times and they all tell me the same thing.

Drink plenty of water, eat small meals and don't stand up too quickly.

I'm getting really frustrated because no one will listen to me. Here's the deal:

It's NOT when I move suddenly from sitting to standing or vice versa. It's after I've been standing for awhile, walking around etc. The period of time it happens depends. I could be up for a minute or I could be up for ten minutes before a wave hits me.

By wave I mean, My chest becomes heavy and I start to feel very faint. I feel a cold wave rush from my head down through my body yet I will start to sweat sometimes. And I can feel that I'm very pale. My head is very light and tingly and I have a hard time focusing on what's going on around me. It's kinda hard to breathe I feel like I can't get enough breath or something.

And all I know is if I don't sit down I would probably pass out. I believe it's my blood pressure dropping. I was able to test it about five or so minutes after my last episode and it was 107/68 which is very low for me. Let me reiterate I am 20 weeks pregnant so I know it probably related to that, but as to what would be causing it I don't know.

I keep reading in articles, "if you experience shortness of breath, dizzyness, light headedness etc please consult with your ob" And I do, and they just blow it off.

Does anyone know what it might be or how I could get someone to listen to me and find out what's happening? This is affecting my ability to perform my job and it's very frustrating. Some days it's so bad I can't even stand up long enough to do my hair or makeup. I have to sit in one of those electric carts at the store when we shop for groceries. It's embarrassing because people look at me like "why is she using that nothing is wrong with her." or something.


Let me just add it's not my iron. My iron levels are actually very good for being pregnant =]

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    I have had very similar things happen to me. No doctor would listen to me, they told me "low blood pressure is good". Well I disagree whole heartedly.

    I finally discovered what it was for me, magnesium deficiency. And during pregnancy getting low on magnesium is very possible since the baby needs so much of it to build strong bones.

    So my suggestion to you is to take a daily magnesium supplement in addition to your normal prenatal supplement. And to find this book and read it:

    The Magnesium Miracle

    It isn't directly related to pregnancy symptoms, but you might find it interesting.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Oh wow I am so sorry that is happening to you and the girl above me!!! That is BULL that the dr hasn't done anything. Many people believe that preeclampsia is only high blood pressure but sudden drops can attribute to that too and 20 weeks is the prime time it usually occurs. I suggest you get another Dr. & IF anything was to happen I would sue the hell outta that dr for negligence! It is the Dr's job to find out what is wrong and the fact that they aren't is pure negligence which is highly illegal. I work in a medical clinic and the dr I work for would have you two in IMMEDIATELY!!! Call another Dr asap. Good luck sugar it could very well be nothing but better be safe than sorry. <3

    Source(s): Medical Assistant & 21 weeks with baby # 1
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I know exactly what you mean...the same thing has been happening to me since about 23 weeks. (I'm 30 now) I will get extremely dizzy or faint at any point. I can be walking, laying down or even driving. It is very scary. My doctor has told me to take iron for my slight anemia, to eat more protein and drink lots of water. But since my blood pressure is always fine in their office they don't think anything is wrong. I got tired of calling and complaining when they never do anything about it. I've just been dealing with it :/

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    3 years ago, I was diagnosed - hypertension with a reading of 160/100. I used to feel dizzy a lot, my legs had awful cramps, and levels were very low in my potassium, causing my fingers and toes to always cramp together. One day I started to feel really faint while I was driving with my daughter in the back seat and I passed out, hitting 3 cars and ending up in a ditch. That moment,I knew I had to do something because my meds weren't working. I heard about this diet from a friend and thought I'd give it a shot. The results have been remarkable. In just 21 days, I honestly can't remember feeling this good, my blood pressure went from 175/110 to 125/70.

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  • Erin
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

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