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Why does the media continue to hype Tebow's faith?

By the way,

Jim Harbaugh used to always thank his lord and savior Jesus Christ whenever he was interviewed as QB of the colts, and no one made a big deal about it. Kurt Warner was also outspoken. Even Deion Sanders made a big deal about being saved.

So why does the media care about Tebow so much more than those previous athletes who were also outspoken Christians?

It's not Tebow shoving his beliefs on people's throats, but the media should not ask religious questions at a Football press conference.

It's the media's fault, not Tebow's.

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    I agree the media is a little overboard with this.For some reason fans are attracted to Tebow more then almost any other player.The media is going to do whatever sells.Good or bad

  • Because he's been doing it since college.....and he's far more distinguished collegiality than Harbaugh and Warner combined.

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