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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureOther - Society & Culture · 8 years ago

Why do people run away?

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    Kids run away from home because of abuse, chaos, trauma, victimization in the Family of Origin.

    Think about what life on the streets is like... These people are choosing to live on the streets, facing starvation, exposure, rape, crime, and death because that is better than going home to their abusive parent/s.

    Last time I was in Tucson, AZ they had a PSA on TV that had to remind people that when teens CHOOSE to be homeless, they are choosing the lesser of two evils.

    Almost everything bad in our species can be traced back to a) Genetics b) Trauma in the family of origin.

    "Trauma" includes Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Mental/Emotional Abuse, being the child of an addict, being the child of an untreated mentally ill parent, being the child of a trauma survivor since trauma in the MOTHER'S history sets up her attractions so that she'll be attracted to victimizers, abandonment and trust issues by being the child of a single parent or a child of divorce...

    ALL of those things except the sexual abuse and hitting your child IN PUBLIC is accepted by American Culture as something that is none of anyone else's business so no one does anything about it...

    The more abusive the parent, the faster they are to scream "HOW DARE YOU TELL ME I'M A BAD PARENT! I NEVER smoke meth IN FRONT OF my kid! My kid loves me!"

    They are mentally ill and can't understand that being high >AT ALL< makes them an abandoning and abusive parent that can't provide a child with what they need to develop into a healthy adult.

    Mentally Ill mothers start abusing their children before they are even born because we now know that depression during pregnancy alters the fetal development and the children will have anger and violence problems later in life.

    The worst part is that people believe that what you do to a kid before they really have the ability to remember events as an adult have no bearing on their development when that is the exact opposite of reality...

    The first 8 years of life are the most vital to the health and development of the child but we dismiss this and I've heard victims of horrific child molestation and beatings and abuse say things like "What does my childhood have to do with me always being with abusive guys NOW? All of that happened forever ago and I'm SO OVER IT!"

    We REFUSE to accept that how you treat your kid in early childhood is what alters your brain development which alters your ability to make decisions later in life.

    Just because people raised in a blender consider chaos, trauma, and abuse to be "Normal" doesn't alter the reality that it is profoundly abusive.

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  • AJS
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Since you left this question wide open it gives us out here an opportunity to define what you mean by run away so here is my answer.

    People run away because they know if they don't, Godzilla has a better chance of squashing them like a bug as he destroys everything else in his path.

    Source(s): How's that for seeing your question my way?
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  • MK6
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    To escape.

    Fight or flight is a primitive response.

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  • 8 years ago

    Because something scary is chasing them.

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