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Why was my account suspended?

I just created a back up account, and asked a few questions. It was suspended yesterday. I didn't post any content that was against community guidelines. ALL my questions and answers were reported. ALL OF THEM.

I sent an appeal but it was denied.

Could it be possibly reported by trolls? what do I do?


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    We would know as we dont know what you posted, or even where you normally posted.

    The Yahoo Suggestion Board ( on the About tab)

    says this

    If you don't know why you were suspended, or to report bulk offences (eg point gaming, category trolling) you may write to


    Using more than one account on Y!A is a violation

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    This how I would explain it to you like this:

    1. You posted content that went against the Community Guidelines way too many times. When you were frequently reported by the community, Customer Care reviewed your account and subsequently suspended it.

    2. The idea of possessing multiple Answers accounts wasn't a very good idea. It's also against the Community Guidelines. The rules stipulated you're allowed only one account and that's it. Your account was also suspended as a result of the violation.

    Even if you have been reported by trolls, some of their reports were correct. Even appealing the suspension was also a very bad idea. Customer Care upheld the suspension and assessed 10 points from each of your suspended accounts. There's nothing else you could do except to just leave all that alone.

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    It doesn't matter who reported your questions. Just because questions or answers get reported, doesn't mean it's trolls. Some people have a good understanding of the Community Guidelines, and will report if they know something is a violation. Some people mistakenly report thinking something is a violation. And yes, there are trolls... who report anything they feel like reporting. But... if you appealed and didn't win the appeals... your questions were definitely violations. Once violations are appealed they ARE reviewed by Y!A staff. You just weren't aware your questions were violations. You should have said here what the questions were. Someone here could have told you what the violations were.

    There isn't anything you can do.

    But here's the other problem. You were using a 2nd account for Yahoo! Answers. You can only use ONE account for Yahoo! Answers. That could have been the reason the account was suspended. You're lucky you didn't lose both accounts.

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    The Yahoo statement is that one or more trusted reporters must report a question or answer for it to be deleted. You can appeal and if the appeal is upheld the reporter loses some credibility. It takes a number of violations to get someone suspended, the exact number would vary dependant on the severity of the violations.

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    It was quite possible that Yahoo were aware it was a second account but more likely it was the questions you asked which were all violations. It is unusual for Yahoo to act so quickly unless there was something wrong in a big way.

    It is possible that a troll has been at work, but it takes more than one report for answers to delete something.

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    Yahoo is cracking down on people with multiple accounts, if you mentioned in any of your questions that it indeed was a backup account then that is why, someone reported that Q and they suspended the account, hence why the questions were all deleted.

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    If your appeal was denied, then most likely "I didn't post any content that was against community guidelines" is false. Maybe you had best tell us what you were asking about.

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    Since you are posting with an account created January 23, 2011 that would indicate you have had multiple accounts.

    It can be a serious violation to have more than one YA account. If they are misused It is considered to be cheating and all your accounts could be suspended

    you have seven days to appeal. To appeal:

    Go below. Just follow the prompts.

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    You may be avoiding community guidelines.

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