Lord of the flies analogy?

is it fair to say that in Lord of the Flies, Jack is analogous to Hitler. he takes young innocent soldiers turning them into savages?

And also is it fair to say that Lord of the Flies is also analogous to WW2 as they were blinded and hypnotised by satisfaction when they were killing simon (killing innocent people in war)?

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    9 years ago
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    Lord of the Flies Centenary Edition by William Golding novel is the only one I taught over and over during the twelve years I worked with high school seniors. My other choices I would switch around those years, drop some, add some. This one I kept. It is that important. I think of "Lord of the Flies" as a necessary manual for societal behavior and an effort to keep the chaos of evil at bay.


  • 9 years ago

    I think Jack could be analogous to Hitler. Also, in my class, we said he's like the Devil.

    Also, William Golding (the author) was in WW2, which is why he wrote the book. I think it's supposed to happen during a third World War or something similar.

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