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Nasko asked in HealthMen's Health · 9 years ago

Real Workout from Taylor Lautner?

So what is the real Taylor Lautner workout plan?

i think what are the exercise that he was doing ?

how many reps or sets and that stuff.

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    9 years ago
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    Below are some of the components of the Taylor Lautner workout according to Men's Health:

    Push your limits – In order to grow big, your body has to get used to carrying heavy loads. In order to overload his muscles, Yuam had Lautner carrying weights that were around 40% more than what Taylor could normally lift up for 10 reps. So for instance, if you can lift 120 pounds without trouble 10 times, then you should be lifting 170 pounds according to Taylor’s workout. Then with the help of a spotter, do only the part where you have to lower the weights (the negative) to increase the load on the muscle and teach it to handle heavier weights. Due to the high loads, it is very important then that your spotter be capable of lifting the weights up by himself if you decide to incorporate heavy negatives into your routine. This kind of exercise will tax your muscles so limit use to two to three sets at five reps each, every other week.

    Vary volume – It’s true that your body needs to get used to more weight in order to build muscle but going for a heavier weight is not always the best idea. In order to maximize your gains, the Taylor Lautner workout teaches you to regularly your vary reps, and weights. This is to ensure that your muscles don’t get so used to a certain weight to the point that you no longer progress. The more the muscles have to adapt to different routines, weights, and rep schemes the more they will be able to grow. So if you’re always doing eight to 10 reps for every set at three sets total, for instance, you can choose to lessen the weight and go instead for 4 sets of 15 reps. This move is backed by research done by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, where it was revealed that men who had variations in rep counts and worked on different muscle groups had 28% more bench strength and 43% more leg-press strength by the end of the study compared to those who didn’t incorporate such variation.

    Create some tension – If you’re looking to emulate Taylor Lautner’s workout, free weights are highly favored but there are definitely some drawbacks to these. For starters, there are some parts to a lift that are easier to do than others so muscles are not worked evenly through the whole range of motion. This is why Taylor often attached giant rubber bands to the weights he’s lifting and anchors them to the ground in order to create tension. The muscles work harder because of the increased tension so growth is accelerated.

    Cut back on the cardio – people have relied on cardio for years to burn fat. However, you may end up losing more weight if you exercise too hard, which is a bad thing if you don’t exactly build muscle mass easily. For most hard gainers excessive cardio will only be detrimental in their quest to gain muscle. Heavy cardio combined with lifting weights just zaps away your strength and limits whatever muscle growth you have going for you.

    Do not overwork those abs – the abs are generally the highlight of a fit body so a lot of men have the tendency to work on their midsection whenever they can. Unfortunately, this is one reason why many men don’t have six-packs like Taylor. Abs are just like other muscle groups in that they need rest after a hard workout and just like other muscle groups overworking them is counterproductive. Yuam had Taylor work his abs only three times a week using a combination of exercises so that his entire core was worked evenly. Lautner’s favorite combination involved hanging leg raises and reverse crunches, holding each move in the most disadvantaged position for seven to 10 seconds. This exercise drill works the entire core.

    Have a plan for recovery – the food you eat and your exercise are just two-thirds of a complete muscle-building plan. To make sure that all your efforts pay off, you have to make sure that you have time to rest. Lautner’s recovery plan involves a day off every third day and to never work out over five days a week. Constantly pounding your muscles won’t give them time to heal and repaito so they won't grow


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