Im 15 running away soon, can i leave the country?

Ok so im 15, ive been fighting with my parents nonstop. I AM running away, i already have my mind made up, but i have to wait untill im 16 to legit get an apartment. I have been saving up to get away, and i already have a support team in place (family doctor, dietition, social worker, phsycyatrist, a whole wack of wonderful teachers from my school). I also have a bunch of reports filed with CAS, as "proof" that i cant live at home. So im hoping to get very far away from my parents, and once im done school im hoping to be a music/french/mathematics/fitness teacher and i would like to teach in england. I already have the school and everything picked out. I also know the teachers and principal of the school plus some of the students. So i was thinking when i run away, i should just go big or go home. And since going home isnt an option, im going big. Id like to immagrate from canada to england. I was wondering if i need my parents permission, or if there will be anything i need to do now in order to be ready to immigrate next feb (when im 16). If you know the answers, or have ANY advice for me, please say it :) thanks in advance

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm 15 too. I fight with my parents too. Who doesnt? Unless their beating you or worse, I'd stay home till you have a job and some form of monetary income. You're like every other 15 year old... you wanna run away. Seriously tho, sit down and ask, "Are my home problems really that bad I have to run?" I'd waite. Once you have what you need.... Better yet when you're an adult and ready, leave. Keep dreaming of life, but dont throw yourself fully into it's waters yet... You dont want to go out there on your own yet. It's much harder than you realize.


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  • SLJ
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    8 years ago

    I think that you will find that you will need skills on how to manage difficult people and work under authority, the same skills you would need to stay with your parents, so I would suggest you find a few good books on this topic, but if you are getting emotionally or physically abused you may want to seek a way out - perhaps by contacting the authorities first.

  • 8 years ago

    lol your an idiot. coming from a 17 year old whos run away tiime and again all over england, you would never last. you aint never gonna go big so i suggest you stay home.

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