Im 15, running away from home soon, can i leave the country?

Ok so im 15, ive been fighting with my parents nonstop. I AM running away, i already have my mind made up, but i have to wait untill im 16 to legit get an apartment. I have been saving up to get away, and i already have a support team in place (family doctor, dietition, social worker, phsycyatrist, a whole wack of wonderful teachers from my school). I also have a bunch of reports filed with CAS, as "proof" that i cant live at home. So im hoping to get very far away from my parents, and once im done school im hoping to be a music/french/mathematics/fitness teacher and i would like to teach in england. I already have the school and everything picked out. I also know the teachers and principal of the school plus some of the students. So i was thinking when i run away, i should just go big or go home. And since going home isnt an option, im going big. Id like to immagrate from canada to england. I was wondering if i need my parents permission, or if there will be anything i need to do now in order to be ready to immigrate next feb (when im 16). If you know the answers, or have ANY advice for me, please say it :) thanks in advance

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    My advice would be this, make sure that whatever you are running away from is a whole lot worse than whatever it is that you are running towards. It's a nasty old world out there kid. Be sure of what you have before you throw it away.

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    You need a passport, for which you need parents' signature. You also need your parents' permission to leave Canada. Then you need a visa to live in England. No-one will give a 16 year old a visa. So you will be staying in Canada.

    Glad you have lots of support. You will need to finish school and study for four or five years to become a teacher. When you have some teaching experience, you can apply for immigration to the UK.

    Be very careful when you leave home.

    Basic living will cost you about $1500 a month. Do you have a job? Appartments start around $850 per month where I live. You will need references and two months rent to move into one. Have you discussed where and how you will live and save for university with your teachers?

    It isn't going to work right now. Make it up with your parents until you have finished school, then you can take off on your own and please yourself. And you might give a little thought to what the arguments are about and what you yourself can do to hellp everyone get through the years until you leave.

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    Ever lost anything that was really important to you? When you leave home you will discover those things. You argue with your parents because of why? They don't have enough experience at life to make you happy with what they teach and they are much more experienced at life than you are? Or is it the world has told you that you can make it? Go ahead be happy, but plan for the worst, because it will come. when it comes and you'r just walking the streets wondering what your going to do next to survive, don't go wondering how your parents are doing. Don't start crying about your situation. The world is not free. You pay for everything one way or the other. Why would you want to build your house on sand instead of cement? Family will be the most important thing to you until the day you die. Don't throw it away early, you will be sorry! Ever gone to a funeral of someone that loves you and you haven't seen them for a long time. Ever missed a funeral of someone that loved you that has died and you haven't seen them for a long time? You can always go to the cemetery and plant flowers on their grave, that would help wouldn't it? You want to teach children? You have no idea where the cement is yet!!!!!

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    You can't get a passport if you are under 18 without a parent's permission. You can't get a visa to the UK if you are under 18 without being a dependent on your parent's visa. You would not even be able to board a plane without a letter signed by your parents allowing you to travel unaccompanied internationaly

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    8 years ago

    You would not even get into the UK

    you can do nothing until you are 18 .. you could not even sign a lease

    get the State to put you in care

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    PROTECT YOU AND AND SERIOUSLEY YOU ARE IDIOT LEAVING HOME YOUR PARENTS AND FAMILY THEY WILL BE SAD JUST REMEMBER THIS "Your parents are your best friends and allways do their best to make you happy"But its your choice and I f you have a dream at least ask your parents to go there and let them know were you are come on!I'm sorry I sayed bad words it just that you leaving your parents is bad.REALLY BAD!

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    8 years ago

    You won t have a passport whitout your parent's permission

  • 8 years ago

    Also, I'm pretty sure you need parent's permission to even obtain passport.

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