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Can a Senegal Bichir live in 25 gallons?

I want some real answers, not just "no they reach twenty inches." Most of the time, senegal bichirs do not even break twelve inches, staying around eight inches. Also, when I put it on AqAdvisor as its adult length it says: "Warning: Senegal Bichir is not recommended for your tank - it may eventually outgrow your tank space, potentially reaching up to 12 inches"; not 20 INCHES. So, can anyone provide me with some facts as to how the amount of water may not be sufficient for the bichir. I've had him for about two months now since I saved him from Walmart, and he is very active and playful. He is alone in the tank and I am thinking of getting rid of him since they need 55+ gallons of water. Anyways, I would appreciate some thoughtful answers rather than words you repeat because someone else told you it without reason. Thanks!

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    I have two Senegal's Bichirs and a Saddled Bichir in a 75 gallon. I have had the Saddled Bichir for maybe 4 months now and in the time I have had her she has gone from about 3 or 4 inches to about 7 inches, and has gotten very thick. The Senegal's Bichirs were much bigger when I got them (very very cheaply for some reason), so are growing slower, but at the rate these fish are growing I would say I will probably have to upgrade their tank size after a year or two, if not sooner. While it's true that Senegal's Bichirs are generally smaller than Saddled Bichirs, I would still say that 25 gallons is going to be too small for yours in the long run. It'll probably hold him for a year or so, but he will outgrow it. If he starts to get big and you don't give him away or upgrade, he could start to stunt, meaning he will stop growing on the outside but could still grow internally, which would result in him dying prematurely - these fish can live for 20 years if you look after them. So yes, 25 gallons is fine for now, but it won't hold him forever. Does that help?

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    Saddled Bichir

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