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Who formed (or fled to) South Sudan - the Black Africans or Black Muslims?

I need to give an example of an ethnic border and i'm using sudan and south sudan. was it the black africans trying to rid of the black muslims or the other way around?

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    Southern Sudan is the Black Africans I believe, and North Sudan are the Black arab-speaking Muslims.

    It's not much of an ethnic border though, as North Sudan are pretty much the same Black race as the south but with a small drop of arab blood.

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    not as simple as that

    Sudan is what used to be the Kingdom of Nubia- one of the most ancient states in the world. They even managed to beat Egypt and some pharaohs in Egyptian history were (black) Nubians

    the Nubians took up Christianity around the same time as the Ethiopians. Afrer 680 AD the muslims, having conquered Egypt, began conquering Nubia. After a century or so the Nubian King surrendered and took uo islam- and then found out that the price of being a good muslim was 50000 slaves sent to Egypt every year.

    the muslims called Nubia "Sudan"- as "the land of the blacks"

    The King of Nubia/Sudan then had a choice- send his own people (which he sometimes did- for example without the Sudanese infantry Saladin would have been helpless against the Crusaders - or raid for slaves further south. That is how Khartoum in Sudan became one of the three largest slave markets in the world (alongside Algiers and Zanzibar).

    The need to justify slavery made the muslim sudani call themselves "arabs" (and while they might have some arab blood in them it is not enough to be visible on the outside). they took up arab customs and arab language- and the Nubian heritage was actively eradicated (which is the usual fate of native culture after islamisation of any society)

    this all went the same through centuries- with a brief stop (by Gordon) but was soon restarted by the "mahdi"

    some tribes took up islam as a way of defense. they thus became "black muslims". the main difference is that a "arab muslim" cannot be a slave under sharia law- so being 'arab" is coveted. Black muslims can be enslaved (and they are, by the thousand in Darfur for example).

    christian blacks were the most coveted slaves- at least till they obtained some guns and started shooting the slavers. the arab sudani government sent the army to protect the perfectly legal slave trade- but they got beaten off. then followed a stalemate and partition

    the division now is north/muslim/"arab" and south/christian/"black"

    another complication is that oil was found in southern sudan- which caused the north to try and move the border as far south as possible- and any black/christian/southern sudanese killed (or enslaved) in the process are considered a side benefit

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