What is Fly Fishing art?

What is the difference between fly fishing and fly fishing art?

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  • paul z
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    8 years ago
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    Fly fishing is the method of using special equipment and techniques to catch fish with,the fly fishing art is the photos and paintings or images of fly fishing related media,like a photo of someone fly fishing in a picturesque scene,with a large loop of line in the air,or with an arc in the line and rod connected to a hooked fish,and sunrise light as the backdrop.It's art made from or for the fly fishing enthusiast to enjoy,depicting the fly fishing experience and the joy and emotion expressed in the act.Some regard the activity of fly fishing to be an art,because of the skill required to accomplish it well.

  • 8 years ago

    Here's a website to look at:


    To me, I believe it to be art, in the technique you use. It's something fly fisherman learns as time goes on...

    Not everyone has the same technique, but when you watch them cast, it's amazing how graceful and accurate they can be!

  • 6 years ago

    To start fly fishing you need a fly rod, a line and some artificial flies. The idea is to catch fish by getting them to bite on an imitation of a bug or bait fish on, or just below, the water. Flies are made using thread, wire, beads, feathers, yarn and hair, and are created to look like insects and bait fish at various stages of maturity to attract trout, salmon, pan fish and carp, as well as marine species such as tarpon, bone fish and striped bass.

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