How can I return the new car?

I bought a new car a week ago. The dealer charged me a lot for the car than the car is actually worth. I checked the car online for the price, and it is way less than what the dealer has charged me. My car had been financed. Can I still return the vehicle to the dealer? Please only serious answers.

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    9 years ago
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    sorry but you can't. there is no 'buyers remorse' rule in any states in the US. Unless you can proof the dealer used fraudulent information and tricked you to sign the deal, you don't have any chance

    The minute you buy a new car it becomes a used car and loses value. Be sure before you sign the purchase agreement, because once your name is on the line, the car is yours. No, you can't get out of it by not driving it off the lot. You can't get out of it by returning it to the lot either. If you do, they can charge your storage and/or have your car removed as an abandoned vehicle.

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    Sorry, but the car is yours. There is no 3 second, 3 hour, 3 day, etc., etc. law for vehicle purchases (unless your dealer has a provision for one). Oh sure, you can return it, but it will be called a voluntary repossession and your credit will take a serious hit. Apparently, you did not do enough research on the car before you purchased it.

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    im 99% sure it is a only a one way deal, once you have paid their is no way to return it, i SUPPOSE if the dealer is feeling nice he could buy it back off you ( which even if he did he would give you nothing near to what you paid). but yeah unfortunately you are stuck with it, I would suggest you do what the dealer did and sell it to someone else for a high price then you may make most of your money back with a little to spare after paying off your finance deal. sorry

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    They are striking stress on you, the automobile isn't stolen. They can not record it as stolen. Not making repayments is a civil topic, no longer crook. are YOU making the repayments ? If no longer the financial institution is making poor feedback for your credit score record. That is unhealthy. If it will get repoed that's worse. It is going on each yoru reviews when you consider that you cosigned. Then you are going to have an excessively elaborate time getting new loans. You might also have a difficult time discovering a brand new condominium. Landlords examine your credit score. The exceptional factor is so that you can make repayments & promote the automobile for up to feasible. If they repo it they'll public sale it for far not up to you owe. It simply will get worse.

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    9 years ago

    Short answer: You can't. There is no right to return a vehicle. Car sales are final. As the buyer, you should have determined if you were paying too much before you bought it. Now you can't do anything about it. Enjoy your new car.

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    9 years ago

    Cant return it, and its lost thousands in value since you bought it.

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