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permit for national parks?

I want to go to America(California) and see some National Parks. Now I´ve read that I need a permit for some National Parks. Somebody wrote, they had they´r permit from the Internet, but I can´t find. Where can I get them?

Kisses Sindy

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  • Adam L
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    It depends on what you mean by permit.

    I've listed three different things that I think you could be talking about... (my suspicion is that you mean number 3)...

    1. If you mean a reservation to stay in the National Park (in a hotel / established camp area):

    Then this is no different to booking a hotel room / spot online. Usefull if you're planning on going to a popular National Park and you want to guarantee that you have somewhere to stay.

    2. If you mean a permit to camp in the wild:

    Some National Parks will require you to have a permit if you intend on camping, not in one of the populated camp grounds, but away from the rest of people, in the middle of the wilderness by yourself. I think these are literally referred to 'wilderness permits'. Those you should just be able to get at the customer information desks in the parks, or the relevant website for the park you want to visit.

    3. If you mean a permit to simply enter the park:

    Most National Parks have booths at every entrance where you have to stop your car and pay an entrance fee. This is no different to buying your ticket when you turn up at a theme park. They let everyone in, you just have to pay the fee. They do offer an annual pass though (about $100 if I remember correctly) that gives you free access to all of the national parks for a year. Well worth it.

    Also... If I could suggest some national parks:

    Yosemite National Park - literally the most beautiful place I've ever been. Truly gorgeous and always worth a visit. 10/10

    Lake Tahoe - really pretty drive around the lake, nice feel to the area. 8/10

    Death Valley National Park - really worth a visit, beautiful landscape 8/10

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    No internet permits. But the first park you enjoy will sell you a year long permit for ALL nastional parks

  • hamdan
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    4 years ago

    No, below present day federal guidelines/guidelines firearms at the on the spot are not authorized in nationwide Parks. There are exceptions which relate to precise persons (police, park wardens, particular first international locations communities, classes, and so on.) inspite of the undeniable fact that the classic individual isn't allowed to discharge or carry a firearm in the park

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