Yalo/Is it good to take risks?

Hi I was told by these people I know that taking risks is a good thing and that I should embrace the concept of Yalo (you only live once). Although I was taught to believe that taking risks is bad and that you shouldn't ever make assumptions about what you're allowed to do unless it's obvious. I'm also fairly young and my classmates are starting to take part in drinking at parties and what not. And these classmates are wondering why I won't take the risk of drinking even though I'm sure they know that drinking is bad for you. Although these people I know told me that drinking was ok as long as you have tolerance and moderation, but I feel that cutting out drinking entirely would be less of a risk. My question really is in life should I not take any risks and succeed in life or take a lot of risks and enjoy the thrills of life since life can be so short.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Work now, play later.

    You will have time for those things when you are older.

    Those that get wasted as teenagers usually don't make much of themselves.

    Become successful first. You will not get the chance to do it over.

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