why would I get a letter of forbearance from my mortgage lender?

I am planning on calling my mortgage company on Monday (they are closed all weekend), but thought I'd try to find some answers here until then. Today in the mail I received a letter from my mortgage company titled "temporary forbearance agreement" and explaining the details of a payment agreement that it claims I agreed to via their online mortgage website. I do pay my bill online, but I have not applied for or agreed to any kind of forbearance or any other special agreement. My loan is current, I've never defaulted. What could this mean? I have called a few times and tried to obtain a modification, but have never gotten any where with it and am usually shot down because our income is considered too high and we pay on time. So, anyone know what could be going on with this? I'm dying to know what's up!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Better see a lawyer about that one.

    It's possible they got some federal assistance on mortgage problems and "pre-approved" you.

    It is possible they sneaked in an "agreement" on one of the pages where you pay your bill online, and when you finished the payment with clicks, you unknowingly agreed to the terms you never saw presented, with an electronic "signature". This would be considered outright fraud, but how do you go about proving it?

    You need to make them send you, in paper form, the text of the agreement and the time and date of that agreement, so you can match up those times and dates with the times and dates you did the online payments.

    Because the banks have hugely messed up all kinds of records, there is no way of knowing whether their records on you mortgage are also hugely messed up. Information is stored in computers, not on paper, and the programming could lose data. Then there is the problem of MERS (a separate business from banks) not performing its own duties and making a mess of everything.

    If things are indeed messed up, you will need a lawyer to protect your interests.


    Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS)

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  • Bill
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    8 years ago

    It sounds like an error! Someone probably sent out bulk letters to all mortgage holders of that lender.

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