I want great stories to tell! and I want an adventure?

I'm seventeen years old and I want to make lasting memories and just have adventures!

Does anybody have any suggestions they'd like to offer up to me? :)

Of course, I want it to be good, innocent fun and still unique and will be a great story to tell

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  • Paul S
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    8 years ago
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    Adventure is what you make it. Furthermore, you have to work at it. It is rarely spontaneous. Sitting around waiting for adventure to fall in you lap will turn out to be a lot of waiting and very little adventure.

    At seventeen, you are probably going to seek adventure locally. I could make some recommendations if I knew what area of the country you lived in. But in general, there are lots of places to visit. Forests for hiking, rivers that you might raft down. (my wife and a friend rafted down the Platte river when she was your age. That turned out to be a heck of an adventure).

    You might look into treasure hunting. There are treasure stories in every state of the union. I've been on several treasure hunts and every one was an adventure. Do some research (hint: there are lots of treasure hunting sites online). Go to the library and pick up some books on local history and lore. Did you know that people took the time to write books about the lore and history of the area you live in and hardly anybody checks them out and reads them. Isn't that a shame?

    I know about adventure. My wife and I hitchhiked clear around the world. It took two and a half years to do it. In addition, it took over two years to plan it. I'm slowly writing a book about our travels at this time.

    When we got back to the USA and settled down, it was in Colorado where we visited ghost towns, hunted for lost treasure, panned for gold and looked for gemstones.

    Almost every state in this country has adventurous things to do. All it takes is a little research to find it and a little planning to carry it out. Then you write the story. Writing is just like any other craft. The more you do it, the better at writing you get.

    One word of caution: Before you trek off into the wilds, learn how to survive. I've watched people get into trouble by failing to plan. They take off into the woods wearing flip flops and carrying a bag of M&Ms and no compass. Don't be like that. The wilds can get you killed if your not prepared for what might happen. In the military I learned "the Six Ps". Piss poor planning results in piss poor performance. I've never forgotten it and it has served me well.

    I wish you well and wish for you a life that is full of adventure and great stories

  • 8 years ago

    You could see what would happen if you went to a biker bar and call all of the guys there *******. That would sure be adventerous.

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