Photo too small and won't resize when inserted in Powerpoint 2010?

I'm inserting photos from a flash drive into powerpoint and the images come up as WAY small with sizing handles around them (Powerpoint doesn't fill the slide frame with the image) If I try to pull the handles the image pixilates really badly. The Photo size is 1.1mb so its not too small to use. Any Suggestions?

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    Did you try to scale it up immediately? Or did you save your presentation before you scaled the pictures? I'm asking because PowerPoint has a TERRIBLE feature where the default setting is to compress the images. So if it came in small and was saved, PowerPoint through out the data it would take to rescale larger.

    If that is the case - open you file, go to File pulldown menu --> Options --> Advanced --> unclick Discard Editing Data, click on Do Not Compress Images in File

    That's really the only thing I can think of, assuming that you have opened the images in some other program and know that they are actually ok to begin with.

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    Try Adobe Photoshop !

  • 9 years ago

    mm, i dont know, but this is just a random idea

    Put it from your flash to hard drive first :/

    try opening it in paint, maby? :S

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