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I want to get into Automotive design but,?

I can't draw or model anything near what I see in my mind. I know practice helps but so far I don't seem to be getting any better because nothing ever turns out right. I would like some tips on how I can get my idea onto paper as a drawing or onto a computer as a model

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    You are not alone; we all had the same issue. Drawing every day will get you where you want, but you need a guide to let you know where you are. There is no shortcut to being able to put your ideas on paper as you see them in your head, you must just keep sketching. Take drawing classes or just studying still life by drawing will greatly help. Take a look at the book “I Draw Cars”, get a copy, there are very good pointers and perspective layouts in it. Find some sketches on line and study the look. You can check out the website "cardesignnews" for others who have the same aspirations as you. "Oldschoolviscom" is a great book for rendering, study that one also.

    You will get better, it takes time, and even the best struggled. Remember “Most of life’s failures are people who did not know how close to success they were when they gave up."

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