usning corel video studio pro x4?

How can you take a singel frame (cell) of a video clip in corel video studio pro x4 and convert it to a jpg or bmp in order yto use it as a single pic or graphic?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    With the video clip open in Video Studio Pro X4, click on the clip that has the shot that you want. Use the controls on the preview window to find the exact shot that you want. Click on the Edit menu and then click on Take a Snapshot.

    The file will be found in the working folder for Video Studio Pro X4 as identified in Settings, Preferences. You can also set the file format for the Snapshot to either BMP or JPEG. If you want jpeg files, make the setting for jpeg and you will not have to convert the file.

    Source(s): Experience.....I use Corel Video Studio Pro X4
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