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I asked a question before on an interesting anime to watch and sumone gav me a suggesting with a YouTube musi video of the series attached. I think the anime was neon genesis evangelion, but I remem it was about this boy who's father always neglected him, but one day his father calls hin to come because he wants to use his son for sumthin. The background music was Orchard of Mines. Can anyone giv the link to the video? Before u say anythin, I've tried searching it up directly and also browsing thro my questions history and also my history of videos seen on YouTube and I couldnt find it on either


i remember one detail. around the "climax" of the song/ video, this girl dies i think and the main character is screaming give her back

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  • 9 years ago
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    I cant really help but i thought of it as my duty to tell you that Neon Genesis Evangelion is the most Fuciked-up THING EVER. It will destroy your perception of reality. Do not watch it if you truly don't think you could handle something like that.

    But I highly recommend it. It is a MUST-WATCH!

    The official canon is eps. 1-24 and movie End of Evangelion.

    Source(s): Literally google Evangelion WTF and there will be thousands of accurate links.
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    4 years ago

    Um if human beings desire to work out the clip devoid of the "stupid song" then they for sure should not be finding for AMV's interior the 1st place. they are able to truthfully locate the clips someplace else. and that i think of what you're describing isn't even an AMV. An AMV is a video with dissimilar clips set to a song. What you defined is merely one clip from an episode additionally set to a song. that may not an AMV. and that i do agree that that's stressful.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    dashing entrance (T_T) giiiiinga bishonen!!!

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